Board of Directors Election May 11, 7 to 9pm

posted May 4, 2016, 12:17 PM by Tim Swezey
Election of a new Meadow Lakes Community Council (MLCC) Board of Directors will take place at the May meeting of the MLCC (May 117 to 9pm, at the Birch Creek Villas, 1210 N. Kim Drive, Meadow Lakes). 

The MLCC Bylaws were revised  at the April MLCC Meeting to allow three ways for community members to cast a ballot:  in person at the May meeting, by absentee ballot, or by an electronic ballot.  

Absentee ballots may be downloaded, requested by email or in writing from the Secretary of the Council Board at the following addresses:

  • Ballot request in writing:  Meadow Lakes Community Council, Inc, Attn: Absentee Ballot Request/Return,  1210 Kim Drive, Suite B, Meadow Lakes, Alaska 99623
  • Ballot request by email
  • Ballot downloads: Ballots can be downloaded from link: Election Ballot
To be considered valid, absentee ballots must be signed and returned to the MLCC:
Hand delivered to MLCC office
Meadow Lakes Senior Housing, 
1210 N. Kim Drive, Suite B, 
Meadow Lakes, Alaska 99623
Mailed to MLCC office
Meadow Lakes Senior Housing
1210 N. Kim Drive, Suite B
Meadow Lakes, Alaska 99623. 

Any ballot hand delivered or mailed must be received two (2) days prior to election date.  Only one ballot per envelope will be accepted.

Electronic voting will be carried out using an electronic voting service.  A member may request an identification password that will allow access to the voting website.  

The password may be requested in person, by mail, or by email.  A link to the voting website will be posted on the MLCC website (  

A member who votes using electronic voting will not be allowed to vote using a written absentee ballot or in person.

Electronic voting this year will be conducted using Election Buddy at the link  

The identification password (voting key) will uniquely identify the voter who requested the electronic ballot.

Vote by obtaining a voting key from MLCC, accessing the website, entering the key, and completing and submitting the ballot.  

Each key can only be used once, and a person who votes using the electronic ballot cannot vote in person.

The voting website will open on Wednesday, May 4, ay 8am, and close on Monday, May 9, at 5pm.

Tim Swezey,
May 4, 2016, 12:17 PM