DoT: Parks Highway MP44-MP52: Finding Of No Significate Impact

posted Oct 9, 2010, 5:12 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Oct 9, 2010, 6:10 PM ]
Just received a notice forwarded by Vern Halter concerning the DoT's Parks Highway project.

Here's a link to the 11 paged 3.8mb PDF: Parks Highway Signed FONSI
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If you can't download the PDF email me at and send you a copy as an attachment.

Outtakes from the document:

Preferred Alternative

The proposed improvements include extending the existing 5-lane section in Wasilla from Lucus Road to Church Road, widening the existing two-lane section from Church Road to Big Lake Road in Houston, constricting a parallel, separate bridge over the Wasilla Railroad Crossing at MP 46.5, replacing existing culverts at Little Meadow Creek with a bridge, upgrading approximately four miles of existing frontage road, and relocating or reconstructing the existing paved multi-us pathway along the corridor.

Continuous illumination will be installed along the project. Beyond the Big Lake Road intersection, the cross section will transition back to the existing two-lane rural highway section. Intersection improvements will include turn lanes, traffic signals and median breaks as appropriate.


Summary of Impacts

Completion of the Preferred Alternative will result in both beneficial and potentially adverse effects to the surrounding environment and local community. The proposed project will improve safety and traffic flow for commuters and upgrade pathways for pedestrians. Replacing the culverts at Little Meadow Creek with a bridge will enhance local fisheries and wildlife by improving fish passage, wildlife crossing, and habitat. The most substantial adverse impacts are associated with acquisition of additional ROW and loss of wetlands adjacent to the highway to accommodate widening.

The Preferred Alternative will require acquisition of additional ROW at approximately 150 privately owned parcels and one utility-owned parcel. Of those, 129 are anticipated to be partial acquisitions, most of which are narrow strip takes directly adjacent to the highway. The remaining 22 parcels are anticipated to require total acquisitions and result in relocation of six residences and ten businesses.

The four-lane with median cross-section will consist of four 12-foot travel lanes, two in each direction, with a depressed center median and paved shoulders. The center median will be 30 foot wide from Church Road to Museum Drive and 42 foot wide from Museum Drive to Big Lake Road. Frontage road cross-sections will be two 11-foot lanes with paved shoulders and the multi-use pathway will be 10 feet wide.