First Biannual Trail Rondy & TRACKS

posted Mar 6, 2011, 1:41 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Mar 6, 2011, 3:44 PM ]

April 15 to 17
Attached is the flyer of Trail Rondy
Good day!  Alaska Trails would like to announce that the 2011 Biennial Trail Rondy TENATIVE Agenda and Registration are NOW available. Trail Rondy is scheduled to take place April 15-17 at the Alaska Job Corps Center in Palmer.



Attached you will find the 2011 Trail Rondy TENTATIVE Agenda along with the Registration Form (contained in same PDF).  You should find most information about the form on the left side of the form itself.  Attendees and vendors register by using the same form. You can also register on-line at:  Please be advised that if you register on-line you will be charged a nominal service fee and those associated costs are clearly shown by each item.


Early registration starts now and continues until April 1st.  After April 1st, registration is at the door only and each item increases $25.


So, register now and we hope to see in Palmer mid-April! 



Please forward this information on to other folks who may be interested.  The Alaska Trails website should be updated soon with this info.

Foundationals & TRACKS

Trail Fundamentals & TMOs 
May 17, 2011 from 1pm‐5pm

(This course can be taken alone; you do not need to sign up for TRACS.)

Trail Fundamentals include five basic five concepts that are cornerstones of effective trail planning, design, construction, maintenance and management. Trail Fundamentals include Trail Type, Trail Class, Managed Use, Designed Use and Design Parameters.   Trail Management Objectives (TMOs) are the documentation of the intended purpose and management of a trail, based on management direction.   During this course, you will learn how to put these tools to work for an effective trail program.   After this course, you will be able to provide data collection and management tools that are truly useful for local trail program managers; and to provide quality data for a variety of planning, information and reporting needs. Trail Fundamentals & TMO Training is a ½‐day classroom session.

TRACS: Trail Assessment and Condition Surveys
May 18 and 19, 2011 from 8am‐5pm

(You must take, or recently have taken Trail Fundamentals before you can take TRACS.)

TRACS is an approach for efficiently conducting trail assessment and condition surveys, resulting in 
quality field data that is useful for a wide variety of purposes.   In this course you will learn how to put first‐hand field knowledge into a useful format for program planning, management, inventory and accountability. You’ll learn how to collect the right trail information, the first time.    You will learn how to use CASM, the condition assessment survey matrix, which helps you to prioritize the collection of field data to meet trail planning and management needs.  

TRACS Training is a 2‐day classroom and field session