Message from Tom Kluberton

posted Oct 14, 2009, 3:09 PM by Tim Swezey
Dear Friends,
Meadow Lakes is the cornerstone of District 7.  Your Council area has more residents than any other in the District, you are closer to the center of population growth and as a community - you have risen to the cause of managing your affairs with integrity.  
Meadow Lakes' Road Service Board of Supervisors manages a budget that would run any two other RSA's in District 7.  (Add-in Trapper Creek and it'd be three). 
Your combined West Lakes Fire Service Area serves more families than probably the rest of the District 7 FSA's combined.
After three years of working with them - I am completely honest in saying I have complete faith in those folks.  They know their community, they know their business and they serve you all well.  They made that part of my job very easy.
Your Community Council transacts more business, manages a larger budget, and, conducts itself with more dignity than any other Council in the District.  As a group you work together diligently to maintain the identity of your community.  The toughest job you have taken-on, is that of crafting a Special Land Use District so your Community's values might someday be made clear in the Borough's code book.  The amount of work that has so far gone into that effort is tremendous. I commend your effort. 
Meadow Lakes showed real leadership in tackling a number of challenging land-use issues in that SpUD that eventually will be taken-up by every community in the Mat-Su.   Protecting water, not only for residents to drink, but to sustain the fish and wildlife your community is home to is fundamental to every community in the world.  Waiting for crisis to occur to pay attention to water is not an option.  Your DRAFT 'SpUD' tackled that issue with good science and a willingness to compromise.
One time at a public hearing on Riparian Setbacks (not in Meadow Lakes) a testifier made a very memorable comment, saying, "when the fish pay taxes, I'll worry about the water quality". 
I challenge that woman to live happily when she finds her family liveing with a toxic water suppy like too many communities in other parts of the world already do.
That's only one area where Meadow Lakes took pioneering steps.  I don't want to linger on the SpUD because a far-reaching piece of legislation like a SpUD will take an unbelieviable amount of time and energy it's a work-in-progress -  folks will eventually discover what they can agree on and it will come together. 
What matters is - I'm confident the people of Meadow Lakes will treat every resident's perspective with respect and dignity.  That abillity is what makes your community the success it is. 
As I write, grateful people are living in the Senior Housing that was in the planning stage three years ago, Your Community Cleanup stands head and shoulders above aby such effort in the Borough and the support you show your schools and kids is amazing.  I could go on and on.
The biggest complement I received during my tenure as Assembly rep I heard in Meadow Lakes.  During the chatter after a Council meeting someone referred to me as a "politician" - another resident overheard, turned around and corrected that individual politely saying, 'Tom's not a politician, he's just a guy like us who's trying to help'.
That captured the way I feel about the past three years.   During that time I got wrapped-up in road funding, salmon politics, forestry, a prison, a ski area, water quality/septage disposal, strategic plans, a port, a rail extension, a ferry boat, airport plans, new schools, budgets, taxes, a new fire service area, the merging of fire service areas, the list goes on and on. 
It took more work that I ever imagined and consumed more time than I knew I could spare. 
The value I got from it all is learning that we're all working together to keep this the best place in the world to live.   In closing I can only hope in some way I did manage to be of help.
Respectfully,  Tom Kluberton