MLCC: Anderson's Outline of Sports Field Project

posted Sep 8, 2010, 3:25 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Sep 8, 2010, 3:46 AM ]
Scope of the Sports Field project as outlined by the Anderson's to the architect

As you are aware Meadow Lakes Community Council was awarded another grant to continue the development of the Sports fields Complex on their 40 acre Community land in Meadow Lakes.  As part of the development of the Senior housing project you prepared a concept master plan for the 40 acre parcel.  We are now prepared to move forward again with the sports fields development and would like to request that you provide us with a fee estimate for assisting us with this development.  The scope of work is outlined below and our time table is to begin this work now and continue with the design through the winter months and have a completed design and plan to begin what construction we have funds for next spring.
Scope of Work:
    1. Update the old master plan for the 40 acre parcel to include  and show the known actual locations of the following:
      1. The senior housing and the tract lot set aside for future senior housing. Use the as builts and subdivision.
      2. The cleared area for the proposed Community Center.  This can be based on the old surveys from Bell.
      3. The road we built down to the lower area.  This did not follow the Bi\ell route exactly.
      4. The 160,000 square feet we cleared for the sports fields.  John  Shadrach surveyed the clearing areas for this.
      5. Determine exactly what size a multi purpose soccer / football field is and place it on a master plan draft.
      6. Determine exactly what size a baseball field is and place it on the master plan.
      7. We would like to locate a playground down in the sports fields area.
      8. We need to include parking areas for the sports fields.
      9. Is there room for a basketball court?
      10. We would like to retain the picnic area from the original master plan.
      11. The area close to the creek and on the other side of the creek should still be reserved for walking trails.
      12. We are not sure if the existing road should be shown continuing to the property line as Bell did, or possibly moving more towards the opposite corner of the lower property to where an exiting cleared trail goes to the the gravel pit.  The other option would be not to connect the road to any other existing alternate accesses.  This would be determined once a draft plan is developed.
      13. Do we have enough land cleared for all the above?
    2. Evaluate the cleared area and provide a narrative of what is needed as to elevation and contour sloping for the sports fields.  This should include run off drainage work if necessary,
    3. Prepare a list of improvements necessary like fencing.,backstops, paving, etc for the various sporting activities proposed.
    4. Include a location in the lower area for a potential well and for a public bathroom.  The bathroom options should include a CXT concrete restroom which utilizes a self contained concept or a holding tank.  State Parks are using these at Hatcher Pass and The Veterans Memorial.
    5. You do not need to estimate any actual construction costs for building this project.  Our intent would be to use the plans you develop to obtain construction work bids next spring. Your fee schedule should include some time  estimated for briefing and possibly some supervision and inspection of construction work in the event we need this service.
    6. Plan to meet with the Community Council to present a draft master plan and additional information at a future meeting.
Mary and I are the Project Managers and would work directly with you on this project. We understand that some of the items listed in the scope of work may require you to obtain other professional assistance and you should include those costs in your fee estimate.  Some surveying may be required those costs should also be included.  We do suggest John Shadrach be considered for any surveying since he has done most of the recent work on this parcel and has existing drawings etc.  Even though we are going to use the winter months to formalize the plans some outside site work will likely be needed to be done before the snows come so we would like to receive your fee estimate by September 24th so we can expedite any outside site work this fall.
Please email your fee estimate directly to us and we will review it and present it to the appropriate Council Officials.  Thanks you for your interest in this project and the continued development of this community property.  Let us know if you have any questions or need additional information.