MLCC Inc. Monthly Meeting March 9, 2016

posted Mar 7, 2016, 9:18 AM by Tim Swezey

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 -Signin 6pm to 7pm - Meeting 7pm to 9pm
Birch Creek Villas 1210 N. Kim Drive 

Meadow Lakes Community Council Monthly Meeting
Second Wednesday of every month

Birch Creek Villas (Commons Room Center of Building)
1210 N. Kim Drive

Signin: 6pm to 7pm
Meeting: 7pm to 9pm

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Link to Agenda:  MLCC Agenda March 9, 2016
Link to Correspondence: Correspondence March 2016
Link to Minutes: February MLCC Meeting Minutes 

1. 7pm Call to Order l Determination of Quorum

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: February 10, 2016

5. Treasurers Report

6. Gaming Report

7. Trails Report

8. Presentations
8.1. Bill Kendig: Running to serve on the MEA Board of Directors 
8.1.1. MEA Page: 
8.2. Don Stevens, Bylaws Chair: Bylaws clarification & housekeeping 
8.2.1. Bylaws:

9. Correspondence:
9.1. Bill Kendig: Text from MEA Page 
9.2. Platting: Freeman Anthony RSB B1 L1 & Partial Vac of Trevett Ave 
9.2.1. Files: 
9.3.Marijuana Advisory Committee:Text from MSB webpage 
9.4.Seldon Road Extension & Church Road Intersection 
9.5. B&E Construction's ADEC Notice of Violation Closure Letter
9.5.1. ADEC NOV Closure Letter: 

Discussion Limited to 3 Minutes 

10. New Business
10.1. Nomination Comittee 

11. Old Business 
12. Agency Reports: 
12.1.1. Janice Bass - Marijuana Advisory Committee (MAC) MSB MAC Webpage: 
12.1.2. Randal Kowlkae: District 7 Assembly MSB Assembly Webpage: 
13. Persons to be heard: Limited to 3 minutes per person
14. Approve Meeting Location

Birch Creek Villas
1210 N. Kim Drive Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Sign In: 6PM to 7PM
Meeting: 7PM to 9PM 
15. Adjournment: 9pm 

MLCC Correspondence March 2016

Bill Kendig : Running to serve on the MEA Board of Directors 
MEA Page: 

Length of Membership
Dates From To
Knik Fairview C.C
17 years
11/99 - Present
Mat-Su Borough Planning Commission
2 years
1/14 - Present
Why I wish to serve on the MEA Board of Directors:
To expand services while cutting costs 

In your opinion, what are MEA's greatest opportunities and challenges and how will you serve to best meet those on behalf of MEA members?

The greatest challenge is the growth of the valley. We need to make sure we have the proper infrastructure to handle the growing population, and to do it in a fiscally responsible manner. This is why i want to serve on the Board

Platting : Freeman Anthony RSB B1 L1 & Partial Vac of Trevett Ave 

Request for Comments (RFC) for Freeman Anthony RSB Block 1 Lot 1 and the partial vacation of W. Trevett Avenue, MSB Case #2016-032 & 033, Tech AOB.  Petitioner is requesting the vacation to alleviate a structure setback encroachment.  

Petitioner will be dedicating additional right-of-way on the northwest corner of the lot.  Also attached is the Vicinity Map, Owner's Statements (2), the Petition for Vacation of Right-of-Way and the preliminary plat.  Comments are due byApril 8, 2016.  Please let me know if you have any questions. .
Marijuana Advisory Committee:
MSB MAC Webpage:
The Marijuana Advisory Committee (MAC) is comprised of the 17 following seats:

1 - potentially interested marijuana grower 
1 - non-marijuana farming operation 
1 - potentially interested marijuana retailer 
1 - from the financial community 
1 - from a local business organization such as a chamber of commerce 
1 - from law enforcement 
1 - from the health community 
1 - from the education community 
1 - with planning and zoning experience 
1 - from sales, marketing, advertising experience 
3 - citizens of the Borough who do not live within city limits 
1 - representing the city government of Houston 
1 - representing the city government of Palmer 
1 - representing the city government of Wasilla 
1 - representing the Borough at the department director level or equivalent

The MAC was created to advise the Assembly on any and all impacts of the implementation of Alaska Statute 17.38.
Seldon Road Extension & Church Road Intersection
Communications on Seldon Road & Church Road Intersection

  • The intersection is NOT in Meadow Lakes RSA, it is in RSA 28.
  • MLCC CANNOT submit a CIP request, RSA 28 must submit it.
  • The intersection is controlled by the State, NOT DOT
    • DOT accident statistics (which lag 2-3 years behind current year) are not yet going to have captured any effect that these changes might have had.
    • If DOT start to see a spike, then they will work with their counterparts at the Mat-Su on coming up with recommendations to address the problem.
    • Recommends that you also email the RSA and Borough about getting a "Stop Ahead" sign added to their road.

Conclusion: Write RSA 28 and the Mat-Su Borough that Seldon Road Extension needs a " Stop Ahead " sign before the intersection with Church Road.
B&E Construction's ADEC Notice of Violation Closure Letter
ADEC Notice of Violation Closure Letter:
From ADEC eMail:
ADEC Solid Waste Program inspected B&E construction on February 18, 2016. Based on the information gathered during this inspection ADEC has determined that B&E has adequately met the conditions of the NOV by removing the waste from the site and shall address any remaining litter when soils are adequately thawed. 

ADEC closes the NOV effective March 1, 2016.  I have attached a copy of the NOV closure letter. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Kaylie Holland 
Municipal Waste Specialist
Solid Waste Program
Department of Environmental Conservation
Ph: 907-269-7626 
Bench Lake Winter Access Trail
A public driveway is being built by a property owner from 3 Bees onto state land with DNR approval.