MSB: Road Bond Package

posted Aug 14, 2010, 10:27 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Aug 14, 2010, 10:35 PM ]
From: Vern Halter

To:   Road Board Chairs-District 7 with copies to Community Council Chairs and the City of Houston
Yesterday the Asembly passed a Road Bond Package to go on the October 5th Borough Election Ballot.  Attached are the various Borough-wide projects.  The specific District 7 projects are:
    -Meadow Lakes    $1,000,000 Paving the existing Beverly Lakes Road
    -Meadow Lakes     $500,000 Additonal for Collector Upgrades
    -City of Houston area-   $2,000,000 paving and upgrade Hawk Lane-Houston HS to Beaver Lake Road 
This is a shared request with Big Lake Roads and CC
    -Willow-- $750,000 Paving and Upgrade Willow Lake Drive to collector Status and Paving
    -Caswell-  $750,000  Upgrade Caswell Lake Road
    - Trapper Creek-  $1,000,000 Upgrades to Collector Status - No Road named
    -Talkeetna-  $500,000 Road Paving or Upgrades to Collector. No Road Named.  (As an Aside-- BStreet Paving is to also be a priority but not named in this Bond due to legal problems-raod width etc.--Need a letter from Talkeetna RSA and CC requesting immidiate paving of B Street)
So all in all District 7 has $6,500,000 in the 32 million package.   The cost is approximately $36 per $100,000 assessed value.  I tried very hard first of all for District 7 to get some of the bond proceeds if voted in ( we have traditioanlly been left out)  and to get each Community/City and Road area some help.  Regards  Vern