New Member Brianna R. Cannon

posted Feb 11, 2011, 9:32 AM by Tim Swezey
Brianna R. Cannon
At her first meeting Brianna volunteered to by our new Gaming Chair
After the loss of Donnie Darilek we were in need of finding a new Gaming Chair.
Wednesday's meeting was Brianna's first in a few years and she volunteered to be our Gaming Chair.
I've been trading emails with her planning how to grow gaming over the next two years.
To quote from her email:
I greatly enjoy working/volunteering with non-profits. I was fortunate to work with The CIRI Foundation (TCF) from 2001-2003 and 2005-2007 which is where I gained experience and training utilizing FileMaker Pro. I also was able to volunteer for TCF this summer revising and revamping their Education Resource Handbook located online at I have experience with accounting, annual reports, scholarship/grant and project grant application/proposal review, publications - all appears applicable to the role of Gaming Chair.

I am also volunteering (from home) with Koahnic Broadcast Corporation creating their 2011 Art Auction catalog, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council Ya Ne Dah Ah School writing a project grant proposal, and a member of the United Way Matsu Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition volunteering on-call from home assisting with fundraising efforts.
Brianna is a much needed resource and she will need to be nominated and confirmed at the next community council meeting.