Parks Highway Update: Church to Pittman

posted May 8, 2015, 1:20 PM by Tim Swezey

Parks Highway Update: Church to Pittman

We have been getting questions about when construction will start on Phase II of the Parks Highway. 


We contacted DOT and the reply is below.

Email from Sean Baski, P.E.,  DOT Project Manager of Phase III


Parks Phase II (Church to Pittman)

Eric Miyashiro is the Design Project Manager


Parks Phase II (Church to Pittman) is currently finishing an environmental study. 


It is projected to be complete this summer, which will allow the project to be advertised to contractors. 


You will likely not see work on the ground, if any, until late fall. Most likely scenario would be utility relocations and tree clearing being completed first. 


Contractors will often clear trees in the winter due to . Construction would not begin in earnest until spring/summer 2016.


The project teams are available for answering questions, attending your meetings, etc. Just let me know if you need anything.


Below is a scan of a mailer from Alaska Navigator website that shows all the Parks Highway consturction projects. When I checked Navigator this week it only had information from 2014 Lucas to Pittman. Below is the link to the the website, which will probably be updated when contracts are awarded to work on the Parks from Church to Pittman.

Click Image for 623K PDF