Getting Automated Calls from Inmate Using Evercom Systems

posted Feb 14, 2011, 10:56 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Feb 14, 2011, 11:22 AM ]

For the last couple of weeks I've been getting automated calls from 357-6638 and 357-6637. The message says that an inmate is trying to reach me and do I want to accept this call. 

The caller ID is Evercom Systems Inc. which seems to be owned by Securus Technologies Inc. 

When I did a Google search on Evercom Alaska one of the links is to a State of Alaska web page: Divisions of Institutions Spring Street Correctional Center.

I checked and nobody I'm related to is in jail or any of my friends. At the bottom of the page is some information on how to block these calls. I'm not going to use it, I'm just going to ignore the calls.
It appearers to me that inmates are picking numbers from the phone book and then using the correctional phone system to run a Phishing scam.  

From Securus Technologies web site: How to Block Inmate Calls

How can I block my phone from receiving inmate calls?

If you would like to prevent calls from a correctional facility handled by Securus Correctional Billing Services, please contact us at and a representative will assist you in placing a restriction on your line.

There is no charge for this restriction. We make every effort to stop the collect calls; however, we cannot guarantee this service for facilities that we do not support. If you should notice collect calls still coming into your home from a correctional facility more than 48 hours after the restriction has been placed on your line, please contact the Securus Correctional Billing Services and additional steps may be taken to prevent the collect calls.

Update of the Google Map of the MLCC Parcel

posted Feb 14, 2011, 9:53 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Feb 14, 2011, 10:00 AM ]

I updated the Google Map of the MLCC parcel so that it has the new Sports Field design. 

I've also highlighted the streets to the location. 

You can use this link to see the new map.
MLCC Community Center & Sports Field

NAOI's Avalanche Awareness & Snowmobile Safety Training

posted Feb 13, 2011, 12:48 AM by Tim Swezey

I stopped by NAOI's Avalanche Awareness & Snowmobile Safety Training event.

It was held at the Menard Sports Complex and the parking lot was packed with cars.

Dorothy Adler had setup a demonstration on how to extract a snowmobile without a come-along. Using her climbing rope that had served her well on Mount Denali, a pulley and carabiners to create a pulley system.

The little guy in the picture was able to wiggle the snowmobile.

But kids just a couple years older were able to move the 800 pound snowmobile several feet.

Dorothy is pointing to the pulley and Steve Lovelace, who taught the recent Cold Water Safety class is standing to her left.

Figuring Out Socialmedia

posted Feb 13, 2011, 12:19 AM by Tim Swezey

Hi Everyone

I'm piping this blog post to Facebook and Twitter!

MLCC Meeting: Wednesday, Sept 8, 2010: 7pm to 9pm: Meadow Lakes Elementary School Gym

posted Sep 5, 2010, 10:43 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Sep 5, 2010, 11:42 PM ]

Meadow Lakes Community Council Meeting
  • Wednesday, September 8, 2010
  • 7pm to 9pm
  • Meadow Lakes Elementary School Gym
  • 1741 N. Pittman Road
CIP Submissions will need to be approved and amendments to the SpUD voted on by the community.

CIP Submission List FY 2012 - 2017 

1.      A: Roads

a.      A1: Road to Meadow Lakes Community Center

b.      A2: Beverly Lake Road Connector-Church road to Pittman Road

c.      A3: Vine Road Upgrade from Parks Hwy. to Meadow Lakes Community Boundary

d.      A4: Sylvan Road to Hollywood Road Connector

e.      A5: Full Curl Road to Sylvan Road Connector

2.      B: Bus Stops & Parking

a.      B1: Increased Mascot stops in the Meadow Lakes Community

b.      B2: Mascot Stops at the Meadow Lakes Senior Housing Complex

c.      B3: Meadow Lakes Community Inter-Modal Parking Facility

3.      C: Lighting

a.      C1:  Right Turn lane at Pittman onto the Highway

b.      C2: Turn lanes at Midnight Sun Charter School

c.      C3: Light at the end of Kim Drive

d.      C4: Continued Lighting of Meadow Lakes Community Bus Stops

4.      D: Trail Enhancement & Donations

a.      NEW D1: Survey of donated trail

b.      D2: Trail Bridge across Little Susitna River from State Lane to Bench Lake Trail

5.      E: Trails

a.      E1: Pittman Multi Use Trails

b.      E2: Church Road Multi Use Trail

c.      E3: Meadow Lakes Loop Multi Use Trail

d.      E4: Lucille Creek Multi Use Trail

e.      E5: Lucille creek Trail Connector

f.       E6: Schrock Road Multi Use Trail

g.      E7: Trail head Study

h.      E8: Beverly Lake Road Multi Use Trail from Church to Pittman

i.       E9: Shared Cross Country Running, Skiing & Equestrian Park Trails

6.      F: Parks

a.      NEW F1: Small Child Sand Box & Play Equipment on Sports Field Near baseball diamonds & soccer field

b.      F2: Equestrian Park

c.      F3: Non Leash Dog Park

d.      F4: Little Susitna Park

e.      F5: Public Swimming Pool adjacent to Meadow Lakes High School

7.      G: Community Center & Misc Items

a.      G1: Meadow Lakes Community Center

b.      G2: Meadow Lakes Boundary  Signs

c.      G3: Meadow Lakes Library and Multimedia Learning Center

d.      G4: Meadow Lakes Hydrology Study

8.      H: Schools

a.      H1: Meadow Lakes Middle School

b.      H2: Meadow Lakes High School

                        c.      H3: Second Meadow Lakes Elementary School 

SpUD Amendments
 (You can click on the link to go to the amendment.

You can download the SpUD for the September 8th MLCC meeting and click on the amendment to go to its page.


TABLED UNTIL SEPT 8: Amendment to the amendment must be dealt with first. 

Amendment Sept 8-F: Page 14> Sec 4>G. Noise>#2>

§  Time Code 2:19 from recording of meeting

§  (2nd) Motion was made by John Alleva and second by Joslyn Casey

·        ADD: Add the words “excluding aircraft operations”between the words ”source” and “as” #2 sentence.

·       (1st) Amendment to the amendment

o   Amendment to the amendment made by Jullie Starr and second by Mike Wolf

o   DELETE: From Sec 4>G. Noise> #2

§  DELETE "excluding aircraft operations”REPLACE WITH "Delete all of (#2.) sentence

Submitted Amendments

MLCC Meeting: Wednesday | August 11, 2010 | 6pm-9pm

posted Aug 8, 2010, 7:04 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Aug 8, 2010, 7:11 AM ]

Meadow Lakes Community Council Meeting
  • Wednesday | August 11, 2010
  • 6pm to 9pm
  • Meadow Lakes Elementary School Gym

Second SpUD Draft

posted Jul 8, 2010, 2:26 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Jul 9, 2010, 3:36 AM ]

Meadow Lakes Community Council

Summary of updated SpUD Draft

For more information you can email:


Links to SpUD Files

MLCC Website
Mat-Su Borough Website
 Wednesday, July 14th 2010
  6pm to 9pm
Meadow Lakes
Elementary School Gym
1741 North Pittman Road
Presentation plus a Question & Answer session at the next Meadow Lakes Community Council meeting. 

Deli Platters & Beverages provided, it’s first come first served so show up early!

Section by section public review will be the following month, Wednesday, August 11th with a representative of the Mat-Su Borough Planning Department.

In order to vote on each section of the SpUD you must have attended a meeting in the last year.

Meadow Lakes Special Use District


The Meadow Lakes special use district or “SpUD” seeks to protect the lakes, streams, and quality of life in the area while allowing for responsible development of public and private land.  This is a generalized summary of the document provisions.  

It is important to note that the document provides for “Grandfathering” of all current uses.  All development currently existing is “Grandfathered” in perpetuity as long as it conforms to borough code and is not destroyed or redeveloped into other configurations. 

The Meadow Lakes area has been divided into several regions, each with special provisions to guide future use. 

“Rural Residential” describes most of the land area surrounding the special areas below.

“Parks highway Commercial” describes a corridor along the Parks highway.

“Road Corridor” describes a corridor along the Church, Schrock, and Pittman loop.

“River Corridor” describes a corridor along the Little Susitna River.

“Town Center” is an area just south of the Pittman/Parks intersection.  It includes a future “inner core” designed for walking.

“Baldy” describes the area slightly north of the Little Susitna River partway up the mountain slope.


All areas allow for residential development and home based business uses with some general guidelines as follows:

At least 20% of the vegetation on a lot must be retained to provide a buffer for surrounding property.   A variety of configurations are allowed but a ten foot wide buffer around the property is preferred with allowances for driveways, utility easements and signage in commercial areas. 

There are special design procedures for road crossings at streams and rivers.

There are special procedures for floodplain development.


Residential structures must be set back at least 75 feet from water bodies and streams in accordance with borough code.  Meadow lake SpUD add some additional protection for these water bodies as follows:

Lawns must be no closer than 45 feet from the water.  (Zone 1)

Limited clearing is allowed from 10-45 feet from the water.  Small buildings for storage of water related items, etc. are allowed in this area.  (Zone 2)

Only natural vegetation is allowed in the last 10 feet to the water.  (Zone 3)

Pedestrian trails, boat and airplane ramps are allowed in all three zones for water access.

Meadow lakes SpUD includes sections limiting the impact from several listed activities as follows:

Storm water runoff design

New Sand and gravel extraction (gravel pits) No extraction below water table, noise restrictions.

New utility service installations.  (underground)

Animal kennels.  (must be 200 feet from lakes and streams)

Signs  (restrictions on maximum size, flashing signs, very tall signs etc)

Lighting installations (yard and parking lot lights)

Building height (33 ft. maximum height)

Towers  (101 ft maximum height)


New subdivisions may be created in accordance with borough code (MSB 27) and the following SpUD guidelines:

Basic minimum lot size is one true acre (43,560 sq. feet).  “Baldy” area has a two acre minimum.

Smaller lots are allowed under MSB 27.20.060 using the “open space incentive” whereby land is dedicated to the public in exchange for the smaller lot size. 

Smaller lot size and an additional number of lots are allowed if the developer chooses the “Conservation Subdivision” design under the SpUD.  This design allows for one additional lot for each 2 acres of useable land or 500 feet of trail dedicated to the public. 

Multifamily development is allowed only in the road corridor (duplexes only), Parks highway commercial, and Town Center zones.  “Accessory dwellings” are allowed in all zones.

Maximum building height is 33 feet.

Minimum setback from lot lines is 10 feet on sides and back, 25 feet on front.


Slightly different development standards are allowed in the special districts as follows:

“Parks highway commercial” allows smaller lot sizes and a variety of commercial and multifamily development.

“Road Corridor” allows for all rural residential uses and also allows Duplexes.  Also allows small commercial development (gas stations, shops etc) near major intersections.  4000 sq. ft. max building size for single structures.

“River Corridor” adds a minimum lot size of 43,560 sq. ft. for all new development. 

“Town Center” allows smaller lots sizes, less vegetation, multifamily and commercial development. 

“Baldy” requires 2 acre lot size due to slopes.  Section 6.


Several other development options are permitted in various areas with conditional use permits.  (Churches, schools, very large buildings etc.)



Draft SpUD: Lauren from MSB Planning Is Working On The SpUD Team's Changes

posted May 25, 2010, 12:22 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated May 25, 2010, 12:35 PM ]

Lauren Kruer from MSB Planning Department as received the Foxit markup of the Draft SpUD that the SpUD teams been working on and the game plan is as follows:
  • DONE: Jullie & Sherri will make the final changes to the SpUD

  • DONE: The Draft SpUD with Foxit markup will be emailed to Lauren & the entire SpUD team

  • Lauren will rewrite the SpUD based on the Foxit markup

  • If she finds a problem or has a question she'll email the the entire SpUD team.

  • When Lauren's done she'll send it to the necessary departments to be masticated by the Borough

  • Once it's blessed by the Borough it'll come back to the entire SpUD team

  • In the run up SpUD Day we need to accomplish a number of goals
    • Steve & Ethan will be working on Cliffs Notes version of the SpUD 
    • Lauren will help us create a Podcast 
    • I'll do a PowerPoint presentation which will be based in Steve & Ethan's Cliff Notes
    • Prepare flyers and distribute literature to public locations
    • Hold a Pot-Luck to introduce the SpUD to the community
    • Work out the process for working through the SpUD with the community
    • Find a good location such as Meadow Lakes Elementary School Gym to go through each section of the SpUD

  • Work through the SpUD and get it done, this will be our last chance for quite awhile 

May 12th MLCC Meeting

posted May 14, 2010, 2:54 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated May 14, 2010, 4:30 AM ]

A lot of stuff happed at last nights meeting. Senator Huggins stopped by and gave us an update on what's going on with the state, Port MacKenzie and our need for an in state gas line. Senator Huggins provided so much information is such a short period of time that I have to get with our new secretary to see how much she captured.

Links Up Front

Google seems to be a little fussy lately, so if it doesn't load the PDF just hit the refresh button until it does. Also using a browser that supports HTML 5 will help. I use Google Chrome 90% of the time because it loads so fast and Firefox is a good choice. I use IE for testing, but Microsoft tries to create standards and it can behave strangely.  
Vern Halter dropped off some info which you can view here: MSB Budget

Which reminds me that we appointed a new secretary last night, Kristine Bayne volunteered. Because she's appointed and we're very lucky, she could be our secretary for the next five years. Sherri's been filling in and I'm sure she's relieved to have Kristine take on the responsibility. 

Also we appointed Terry Boyle as Planning Chair. Terry will be a great addition because he's involved with local real estate and is very knowledgeable and has a number of contacts. He's been a great asset on the Community Center Committee and has been very helpful.

Last night Jullie gave a SpUD team report. The SpUD team has been very busy going over the original SpUD draft and marking it up with changes. We've emailed the suggested changes to Lauren Kruer in the MSB Planning Department. We'll be meeting with her Wednesday, May 19th at the Senior Complex for 7pm to 9pm. The public is welcome, but space is limited and there's a lot to get done. I attend these meetings so that I know what's going on, but they run right up to 9pm leaving very little time for public discussion. 

As a reminder, if it's decided to bring the SpUD back in front of the community the Borough requires that each section be discussed, possibly modified and approved before it is brought to the MSB. And before the MSB adopts the SpUD it's open to public comment before the Borough can approve it. 

Hopefully the work that the SpUD team has done will meet the communities needs and fit within the planning departments vision for the future of the valley.

You can review the SpUD teams proposed changes by using these links.
Two issues came up at the meeting:
    • Army Corps of Engineers: Fuller Lake Development 20MB PDF
      • The MLCC has not received a notice on this development. It's a very complicated project involving wetlands. I was able to obtain the document and scanned it in, so you can view it using the link above. I plan to send out a notice and create some graphics to illustrate the project.
    • Gravel Pit near Holiday
      • I don't have all the details on this yet, but from the nature of the discussion last night I plan to give it the same treatment.
We announced the board members who are up for elections last night and elections will be held on June 9th.
  • Vice President: Bill Browne and devoted 4 years as VP and Mike Wolf has agreed to run.
  • Treasurer: Shirley Schnonbach is currently appointed and will be running for the position.
  • Appropriations: Amanda Browne is the current Chair and at this time we don't have a candidate for appropriations.
  • Parks & Recreational Trails: Lori Benner-Hanson is the current chair and at this time we don't have a candidate for Parks & Trails. 
  • Community Coordination: Donnita Burks is the current Chair and she has agreed to run. 
  • Membership: Marion Parson is the appointed Chair but she and her husband need to return to the lower 48 and at this time we don't have a candidate. 
  • Historical: Annie Benedict is the current Chair and she has agreed to run.
Because of all the hard work Marion did helping us setup the MLCC office and getting ready for the Senior Complex Federal Audit. I was very please to present Marion a certificate and a medal of achievement and her husband Dave a certificate and a medal of recognition.

Regional Wastewater and Septage Study Public Open House

posted Jul 28, 2009, 12:06 PM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Jul 28, 2009, 12:08 PM ]

Summary of meeting:
  • Commercial septage haulers providing service within the Borough currently haul collected septage to Anchorage for disposal at the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility
  • Revenue is lost hauling septage from the Vally to Anchorage
  • The Alaska State Legislature wants to fund ONE regional waste water treatment facility in the valley not one for each incorporated entity
  • The best locations are on prime real estate 
  • The regional waste water treatment facility will drain into the Mat-Su River, it will not be allowed to drain into the Hay Flats Wildlife Refuge
  • Regional waste water treatment facility is planed for 4 million gallons per day which should meet the needs of the valley for 25 years.

Below is a flyer scanned in using optical character recognition


Regional Wastewater and Septage Study


                1.             How is the regional study related to the upgrades that the City of Palmer and City of Wasilla

are already considering?

In January 2009, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Regional Wastewater and Septage Study project team began looking at ways to provide the Borough, City of Palmer and the City of Wasilla with feasible alternative solutions to their wastewater and septage disposal needs. The team has gathered information on current and future wastewater and septage flows and quality, treatment processes, sites for expanded or new wastewater treatment facilities, and a new septage and leachate receiving station (commercial septage haulers providing service within the Borough currently haul collected septage to Anchorage for disposal at the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility [AWWU] Turpin Street septage disposal station). For more information, visit the Borough's Web site:, click on "Project Management and Engineering," then click on "Project Highlights/Engineering Highlights" and scroll to the bottom of the page.

LINKS TO PDF'S ON Project Management and Engineering page:

Files are also attached to this page

Independent of the Borough's regional study, the City of Palmer and City of Wasilla are working to bring their wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) into compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) regulations .

·             For information on the City of Palmer's plans, please contact

Public Works Director Carter Cole at 745-3400 or

·             For information on the City of Wasilla's plans, please contact

Public Works Director Archie Giddings at 373-9010 or

                2.             Who is involved in the study?

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough is the lead agency working with the City of Palmer and City of Wasilla on the study. The lead contractor working on the study is Hattenburg Dilley & Linnell. The subcontractors are HDR Alaska and GV Jones.

                3.             What entity will make the final decision on which alternative is selected?

The study will be used by the City of Wasilla, City of Palmer, and the Borough to decide if joining together to construct and operate a regional wastewater facility or entity is feasible. A consensus among governments would be required to move forward with the regional concept should it be deemed feasible and cost effective to the rate payer.


            4.          When will the study be complete?

The study team anticipates that a draft study will be available in late August 2009. The Borough will host a public open house to discuss the draft study's findings, answer questions, and obtain public input. The final study is scheduled to be complete in October 2009. Depending on the outcome of the study, the Borough may choose to set up a regional wastewater authority, similar to AWWU. This could be used to oversee wastewater treatment plants located throughout the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

            5.          If a regional facility is deemed feasible, where would it be located?

Preliminary study findings suggest that a new septage and leachate receiving station would be co­located with a regional WWTP, whether that is an expanded plant located at the existing City of Palmer WWTP, or a new regional facility located near the Glenn-Parks interchange (somewhere between the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center and the CPP gravel pit). The City of Wasilla has been ruled out as a location for regional septage receiving due to the availability of land near its existing WWTP. Once a more detailed evaluation of treatment processes has been performed, a cost analysis will be conducted to determine the projected cost of tipping fees at the septage and leachate receiving station.

            6.          If a new regional wastewater and septage facility is built, what would happen to the

wastewater treatment plants in Palmer and Wasilla? Isn't it a big waste of money for the City of Palmer and City of Wasilla to be making upgrades to their plants right now when a new regional facility might be built?

The upgrades to the City of Palmer and Wasilla plants are necessary as near-term solutions to address compliance issues with the EPA and ADEC and are happening independent ofthe regional study (see question/answer #1). If the Borough builds a new regional facility, the individual city plants would most likely be closed down after the regional facility is constructed, which would be a long-term project and could take 10 or more years from now.

            7.          I'm a property owner near the City of Palmer wastewater treatment plant. If the Palmer plant

is expanded to become the regional facility, what kinds of impacts would the expansion have on water quality, view shed (aesthetics), air quality, traffic, and the water table?

This question would best be answered by the City of Palmer. Please refer to the Palmer WWTP fact sheet or contact Public Works Director Carter Cole at 745-3400 or

            8.          Will the regional study evaluate how a regional facility would handle increased population if

the Knik Arm Bridge is built?

The study began with two population projections-one if the Knik Arm Bridge is built and the other if no bridge is built. The regional study is proceeding with the "no bridge" population projection. If the bridge is built, the dates that proposed improvements would be viable for will change. The improvements would be designed as modular "units" so that expansion of the treatment plants and conveyance lines could be easily accomplished.

            9.         How do I comment on the study? How will my comments be used?

We welcome your comments throughout the regional study. They will be reviewed by the project team for consideration and could help shape the studis content. Please submit your comments along with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (in case we need to follow up with you) to:

Wendy Longtin, Public Involvement Coordinator

            MAIL:                HDR Alaska, 742 5 Alaska St, Palmer, AK 99645

            PHONE:           745-4129 (HDR Alaska Palmer Office)




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