Getting Automated Calls from Inmate Using Evercom Systems

posted Feb 14, 2011, 10:56 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated Feb 14, 2011, 11:22 AM ]
For the last couple of weeks I've been getting automated calls from 357-6638 and 357-6637. The message says that an inmate is trying to reach me and do I want to accept this call. 

The caller ID is Evercom Systems Inc. which seems to be owned by Securus Technologies Inc. 

When I did a Google search on Evercom Alaska one of the links is to a State of Alaska web page: Divisions of Institutions Spring Street Correctional Center.

I checked and nobody I'm related to is in jail or any of my friends. At the bottom of the page is some information on how to block these calls. I'm not going to use it, I'm just going to ignore the calls.
It appearers to me that inmates are picking numbers from the phone book and then using the correctional phone system to run a Phishing scam.  

From Securus Technologies web site: How to Block Inmate Calls

How can I block my phone from receiving inmate calls?

If you would like to prevent calls from a correctional facility handled by Securus Correctional Billing Services, please contact us at and a representative will assist you in placing a restriction on your line.

There is no charge for this restriction. We make every effort to stop the collect calls; however, we cannot guarantee this service for facilities that we do not support. If you should notice collect calls still coming into your home from a correctional facility more than 48 hours after the restriction has been placed on your line, please contact the Securus Correctional Billing Services and additional steps may be taken to prevent the collect calls.