May 12th MLCC Meeting

posted May 14, 2010, 2:54 AM by Tim Swezey   [ updated May 14, 2010, 4:30 AM ]

A lot of stuff happed at last nights meeting. Senator Huggins stopped by and gave us an update on what's going on with the state, Port MacKenzie and our need for an in state gas line. Senator Huggins provided so much information is such a short period of time that I have to get with our new secretary to see how much she captured.

Links Up Front

Google seems to be a little fussy lately, so if it doesn't load the PDF just hit the refresh button until it does. Also using a browser that supports HTML 5 will help. I use Google Chrome 90% of the time because it loads so fast and Firefox is a good choice. I use IE for testing, but Microsoft tries to create standards and it can behave strangely.  
Vern Halter dropped off some info which you can view here: MSB Budget

Which reminds me that we appointed a new secretary last night, Kristine Bayne volunteered. Because she's appointed and we're very lucky, she could be our secretary for the next five years. Sherri's been filling in and I'm sure she's relieved to have Kristine take on the responsibility. 

Also we appointed Terry Boyle as Planning Chair. Terry will be a great addition because he's involved with local real estate and is very knowledgeable and has a number of contacts. He's been a great asset on the Community Center Committee and has been very helpful.

Last night Jullie gave a SpUD team report. The SpUD team has been very busy going over the original SpUD draft and marking it up with changes. We've emailed the suggested changes to Lauren Kruer in the MSB Planning Department. We'll be meeting with her Wednesday, May 19th at the Senior Complex for 7pm to 9pm. The public is welcome, but space is limited and there's a lot to get done. I attend these meetings so that I know what's going on, but they run right up to 9pm leaving very little time for public discussion. 

As a reminder, if it's decided to bring the SpUD back in front of the community the Borough requires that each section be discussed, possibly modified and approved before it is brought to the MSB. And before the MSB adopts the SpUD it's open to public comment before the Borough can approve it. 

Hopefully the work that the SpUD team has done will meet the communities needs and fit within the planning departments vision for the future of the valley.

You can review the SpUD teams proposed changes by using these links.
Two issues came up at the meeting:
    • Army Corps of Engineers: Fuller Lake Development 20MB PDF
      • The MLCC has not received a notice on this development. It's a very complicated project involving wetlands. I was able to obtain the document and scanned it in, so you can view it using the link above. I plan to send out a notice and create some graphics to illustrate the project.
    • Gravel Pit near Holiday
      • I don't have all the details on this yet, but from the nature of the discussion last night I plan to give it the same treatment.
We announced the board members who are up for elections last night and elections will be held on June 9th.
  • Vice President: Bill Browne and devoted 4 years as VP and Mike Wolf has agreed to run.
  • Treasurer: Shirley Schnonbach is currently appointed and will be running for the position.
  • Appropriations: Amanda Browne is the current Chair and at this time we don't have a candidate for appropriations.
  • Parks & Recreational Trails: Lori Benner-Hanson is the current chair and at this time we don't have a candidate for Parks & Trails. 
  • Community Coordination: Donnita Burks is the current Chair and she has agreed to run. 
  • Membership: Marion Parson is the appointed Chair but she and her husband need to return to the lower 48 and at this time we don't have a candidate. 
  • Historical: Annie Benedict is the current Chair and she has agreed to run.
Because of all the hard work Marion did helping us setup the MLCC office and getting ready for the Senior Complex Federal Audit. I was very please to present Marion a certificate and a medal of achievement and her husband Dave a certificate and a medal of recognition.