MLCC Meeting: Wednesday, Sept 8, 2010: 7pm to 9pm: Meadow Lakes Elementary School Gym

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Meadow Lakes Community Council Meeting
  • Wednesday, September 8, 2010
  • 7pm to 9pm
  • Meadow Lakes Elementary School Gym
  • 1741 N. Pittman Road
CIP Submissions will need to be approved and amendments to the SpUD voted on by the community.

CIP Submission List FY 2012 - 2017 

1.      A: Roads

a.      A1: Road to Meadow Lakes Community Center

b.      A2: Beverly Lake Road Connector-Church road to Pittman Road

c.      A3: Vine Road Upgrade from Parks Hwy. to Meadow Lakes Community Boundary

d.      A4: Sylvan Road to Hollywood Road Connector

e.      A5: Full Curl Road to Sylvan Road Connector

2.      B: Bus Stops & Parking

a.      B1: Increased Mascot stops in the Meadow Lakes Community

b.      B2: Mascot Stops at the Meadow Lakes Senior Housing Complex

c.      B3: Meadow Lakes Community Inter-Modal Parking Facility

3.      C: Lighting

a.      C1:  Right Turn lane at Pittman onto the Highway

b.      C2: Turn lanes at Midnight Sun Charter School

c.      C3: Light at the end of Kim Drive

d.      C4: Continued Lighting of Meadow Lakes Community Bus Stops

4.      D: Trail Enhancement & Donations

a.      NEW D1: Survey of donated trail

b.      D2: Trail Bridge across Little Susitna River from State Lane to Bench Lake Trail

5.      E: Trails

a.      E1: Pittman Multi Use Trails

b.      E2: Church Road Multi Use Trail

c.      E3: Meadow Lakes Loop Multi Use Trail

d.      E4: Lucille Creek Multi Use Trail

e.      E5: Lucille creek Trail Connector

f.       E6: Schrock Road Multi Use Trail

g.      E7: Trail head Study

h.      E8: Beverly Lake Road Multi Use Trail from Church to Pittman

i.       E9: Shared Cross Country Running, Skiing & Equestrian Park Trails

6.      F: Parks

a.      NEW F1: Small Child Sand Box & Play Equipment on Sports Field Near baseball diamonds & soccer field

b.      F2: Equestrian Park

c.      F3: Non Leash Dog Park

d.      F4: Little Susitna Park

e.      F5: Public Swimming Pool adjacent to Meadow Lakes High School

7.      G: Community Center & Misc Items

a.      G1: Meadow Lakes Community Center

b.      G2: Meadow Lakes Boundary  Signs

c.      G3: Meadow Lakes Library and Multimedia Learning Center

d.      G4: Meadow Lakes Hydrology Study

8.      H: Schools

a.      H1: Meadow Lakes Middle School

b.      H2: Meadow Lakes High School

                        c.      H3: Second Meadow Lakes Elementary School 

SpUD Amendments
 (You can click on the link to go to the amendment.

You can download the SpUD for the September 8th MLCC meeting and click on the amendment to go to its page.


TABLED UNTIL SEPT 8: Amendment to the amendment must be dealt with first. 

Amendment Sept 8-F: Page 14> Sec 4>G. Noise>#2>

§  Time Code 2:19 from recording of meeting

§  (2nd) Motion was made by John Alleva and second by Joslyn Casey

·        ADD: Add the words “excluding aircraft operations”between the words ”source” and “as” #2 sentence.

·       (1st) Amendment to the amendment

o   Amendment to the amendment made by Jullie Starr and second by Mike Wolf

o   DELETE: From Sec 4>G. Noise> #2

§  DELETE "excluding aircraft operations”REPLACE WITH "Delete all of (#2.) sentence

Submitted Amendments