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Meadow Lakes Community Council

Summary of updated SpUD Draft

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 Wednesday, July 14th 2010
  6pm to 9pm
Meadow Lakes
Elementary School Gym
1741 North Pittman Road
Presentation plus a Question & Answer session at the next Meadow Lakes Community Council meeting. 

Deli Platters & Beverages provided, it’s first come first served so show up early!

Section by section public review will be the following month, Wednesday, August 11th with a representative of the Mat-Su Borough Planning Department.

In order to vote on each section of the SpUD you must have attended a meeting in the last year.

Meadow Lakes Special Use District


The Meadow Lakes special use district or “SpUD” seeks to protect the lakes, streams, and quality of life in the area while allowing for responsible development of public and private land.  This is a generalized summary of the document provisions.  

It is important to note that the document provides for “Grandfathering” of all current uses.  All development currently existing is “Grandfathered” in perpetuity as long as it conforms to borough code and is not destroyed or redeveloped into other configurations. 

The Meadow Lakes area has been divided into several regions, each with special provisions to guide future use. 

“Rural Residential” describes most of the land area surrounding the special areas below.

“Parks highway Commercial” describes a corridor along the Parks highway.

“Road Corridor” describes a corridor along the Church, Schrock, and Pittman loop.

“River Corridor” describes a corridor along the Little Susitna River.

“Town Center” is an area just south of the Pittman/Parks intersection.  It includes a future “inner core” designed for walking.

“Baldy” describes the area slightly north of the Little Susitna River partway up the mountain slope.


All areas allow for residential development and home based business uses with some general guidelines as follows:

At least 20% of the vegetation on a lot must be retained to provide a buffer for surrounding property.   A variety of configurations are allowed but a ten foot wide buffer around the property is preferred with allowances for driveways, utility easements and signage in commercial areas. 

There are special design procedures for road crossings at streams and rivers.

There are special procedures for floodplain development.


Residential structures must be set back at least 75 feet from water bodies and streams in accordance with borough code.  Meadow lake SpUD add some additional protection for these water bodies as follows:

Lawns must be no closer than 45 feet from the water.  (Zone 1)

Limited clearing is allowed from 10-45 feet from the water.  Small buildings for storage of water related items, etc. are allowed in this area.  (Zone 2)

Only natural vegetation is allowed in the last 10 feet to the water.  (Zone 3)

Pedestrian trails, boat and airplane ramps are allowed in all three zones for water access.

Meadow lakes SpUD includes sections limiting the impact from several listed activities as follows:

Storm water runoff design

New Sand and gravel extraction (gravel pits) No extraction below water table, noise restrictions.

New utility service installations.  (underground)

Animal kennels.  (must be 200 feet from lakes and streams)

Signs  (restrictions on maximum size, flashing signs, very tall signs etc)

Lighting installations (yard and parking lot lights)

Building height (33 ft. maximum height)

Towers  (101 ft maximum height)


New subdivisions may be created in accordance with borough code (MSB 27) and the following SpUD guidelines:

Basic minimum lot size is one true acre (43,560 sq. feet).  “Baldy” area has a two acre minimum.

Smaller lots are allowed under MSB 27.20.060 using the “open space incentive” whereby land is dedicated to the public in exchange for the smaller lot size. 

Smaller lot size and an additional number of lots are allowed if the developer chooses the “Conservation Subdivision” design under the SpUD.  This design allows for one additional lot for each 2 acres of useable land or 500 feet of trail dedicated to the public. 

Multifamily development is allowed only in the road corridor (duplexes only), Parks highway commercial, and Town Center zones.  “Accessory dwellings” are allowed in all zones.

Maximum building height is 33 feet.

Minimum setback from lot lines is 10 feet on sides and back, 25 feet on front.


Slightly different development standards are allowed in the special districts as follows:

“Parks highway commercial” allows smaller lot sizes and a variety of commercial and multifamily development.

“Road Corridor” allows for all rural residential uses and also allows Duplexes.  Also allows small commercial development (gas stations, shops etc) near major intersections.  4000 sq. ft. max building size for single structures.

“River Corridor” adds a minimum lot size of 43,560 sq. ft. for all new development. 

“Town Center” allows smaller lots sizes, less vegetation, multifamily and commercial development. 

“Baldy” requires 2 acre lot size due to slopes.  Section 6.


Several other development options are permitted in various areas with conditional use permits.  (Churches, schools, very large buildings etc.)